Shortlist announced: 27 Apr 2016

Winner announced: 29 Apr 2016

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Xu Chong
Autocar China
Li Anding
Autocar China
Chips Yap
Managing Editor
Autocar Malaysia
Edgar Quesada
Managing Editor
Autocar Philippines
Lisa Kuok
Autocar ASEAN
Tetsu Tokunaga
Autocar Japan
Aswin Prasetyo
Autocar Indonesia
Benny Hidayat Suryakusumah
Managing Editor
Autocar Indonesia
Hormazd Sorabjee
Autocar India
Shapur Kotwal
Deputy Editor
Autocar India
Kenji Sasamoto
Autocar Japan
Joo-Sik Choi
Autocar Korea
Min-Hee Ahn
Autocar Korea
Dino Ray Directo
After Market Editor
Autocar Philippines
Xu Chong, Editor-in-chief, Autocar China

Xu Chong, the founder and the board chairman of Internet Information Agency, used to serve as the editor-in-chief of, which was in the lineup of CBS. He successively held the positions of editor, associated editor, editor-in-chief and vice-president, being engaged in the automotive reports for over ten years. He was the first group of journalists to be working in the Chinese automotive internet media and successfully developed the earliest automotive information database as well as the first automotive website content management system in China.

Li Anding, President, Autocar China

Li Anding is currently the president of Internet Information Agency, formerly the senior financial journalist and the most influential automotive observer in China. He was the senior journalist of Xinhua News Agency, the former editorial board member of the domestic department and the director of economic news reporting group. For over 30 years, he witnessed the rise and fall of Chinese automotive industry. His major publications include the followings: Eyes and Hands—On the Stage and Behind the Scene of China’s Reformation, Models of China, Family Cars Tempted China, Talking about Cars in Another Way, Automotive Notes, etc.

Chips Yap, Managing Editor, Autocar Malaysia

Chips Yap has been reporting on the motor industry for 39 years, covering a broad spectrum of topics from industry developments to new product evaluations. He specialised as a motor journalist and started three motor magazines in Malaysia, as well as served in various roles for other publications and more recently, websites.

Edgar Quesada, Managing Editor, Autocar Philippines

Edgar has been in the motoring media for 11 years now. Prior to becoming a broadcaster and journalist, he was a karter and a touring car driver. He produced and hosted a motoring show on tv, anchor of a radio program about cars and bikes, columnist and motoring correspondent of different dailies before becoming the managing editor of Autocar Philippines.

Lisa Kuok, Editor, Autocar ASEAN

Lisa Kuok's first job in motoring began in 2012 when she joined Autocar ASEAN as Senior Writer, before becoming the Editor in July 2014. A reader of Autocar UK since she was 12 years old, Lisa is the first woman to helm Autocar ASEAN in its 16 year history.

Tetsu Tokunaga, Editor, Autocar Japan

Born in 1975, he started his career as an editor, majoring in automobiles. He has worked for Autocar Japan and Classic & Sports Car Japan magazines since 2013. And in 2014 he joined Autocar Digital, which is Japanese Autocar website.

Aswin Prasetyo, Editor, Autocar Indonesia

Aswin started his career as an automotive journalist back in 2013 just after he graduated from University of Indonesia. Since then he has been testing hundreds and many range of cars; from the tiny Smart Electric to hybrid hypercar McLaren P1.

Benny Hidayat Suryakusumah, Managing Editor, Autocar Indonesia

 Benny was a substitute position Budityas Basuki. He had been appointed as Managing Editor since the beginning of last month.

Hormazd Sorabjee, Editor, Autocar India

On average,Hormazd drives and evaluates over 80 different vehicles every year and has driven all sorts, from tractors to Formula 1 cars. He is also a jury member for the World Car of the Year award and Engine of the Year award.

Shapur Kotwal, Deputy Editor, Autocar India

He’s at the forefront of the mag’s extensive road testing activities and oversees the test instrumentation and data acquisition. He has possibly the most experience among all road testers in the country.

Kenji Sasamoto, Editor-in-Chief , Autocar Japan

Kenji founded Neko Publishing in the 1970's which soon became the specialist automotive magazine publisher in Japan with titles focusing on focusing on automobiles, trains, motorcycles and various categories of lifestyle.  He took a step back from the company in 2011 to focus his passion into pubilshing Autocar Japan fulltime.



Joo-Sik Choi, Editor-in-Chief, Autocar Korea

In 1992 Joo-sik Choi became an automotive journalist in Korea. After successfully leading Carvision and Carlife magazines as their Editor-in-chief, he has now taken the helm as Editor in Chief of Autocar Korea, the Korean edition of the British Autocar.


He is also co-editor of The Fifty Year History of Cars in Korea (published by Korea Automobile Industry Association) and a contributor to the 100 Year Footprint of Korea Transportation (published by Korea Transportation Institute). His contributions have played an important role in systematizing the automobile history in Korea. He is a juror of the 'World Car Of The Year'(WCOTY).

Min-Hee Ahn, Editor, Autocar Korea

Min-hee Ahn is entered the automobile world at 2003, with Racing Team 'Synchrog'. and Started career on Hyundai Mobis Reporter. and Turned into Motoring Jounalist since 2010. Finally, He joined <AUTOCAR> Family at 2013. He got so much interest for Drift Chase and Car Racing, and Practice it. Studied a lot of things on Touge and Racer of Korean Race. Recently, He has Trip Around on Asia, for Looking Up Asian Auto-Industry.

Dino Ray Directo, After Market Editor, Autocar Philippines

A certified car nut, Dino Ray V. Directo III got bitten by the automotive bug since he first received his model car at the age of nine. A fan of tuned and old school cars, Dino competed in professional drag racing prior to his career as a motoring journalist. He is currently the Motoring Editor of The Standard newspaper and writes for Interaksyon 5's online motoring section. He is the Managing Editor of Autocar Ph. Among his daily drives is an "old school" Lancer Evolution 5.