Shortlist announced: 27 Apr 2016

Winner announced: 29 Apr 2016

Prize giving: 



The Shortlist - 2014


Citroën DS5
Blending hatchback and estate traits in a stunning package unlike any other car and its equally good on the inside with all the latest tech you could want.

Jaguar F-Type
The first Jaguar to truly carry forward the mantel of the E-Type signalling the birth of a new British sporting icon.  the engine note is amazing.

Land Rover Range Rover
A technological marvel which can pass with flying colours if judged as a luxury car or certified off-roader.

Mazda 6
Offers an engaging driving experience that's rarely found in family saloons - all this while delivering impressive space and economy as well.  

Mercedes-Benz A-Class
Packed with plenty of youthful and sporty appeal, the new A-Class promises luxury with interiors to match.

Volkswagen Golf Mark 7
While it may not look very different from the previous generation its secrets lie beneath its skin.  Easy to maintain and so reasonably priced.